For web-based criminology and criminal justice related distance education programs, the Criminal Justice Distance Learning Consortium (CJDLC) has laid down accreditation guidelines. These guidelines are themselves based on those developed by the Southern Regional Electronic Campus (SREC), the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) and regional academic acrrediting agencies including thezz Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Western Association of Colleges and Schools. The CJDLC guidelines without actually duplicating them, incorporate the basics of these organizations. The premise is that the applying institutions have already fulfilled the quality standards of these local and regional accrediting agencies.

Regional Accrediting agencies refer to six main bodies, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia), the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Panama), the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, New Mexico, South Dakota, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wyoming), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (California, Hawaii, the territories of Guam, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, the Pacific Basin and East Asia) and the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington).

There are also two additional bodies within the main RA, which are behind the Best Practices movement in distance education and include the Western Association’s Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities and North Central’s Higher Learning Commission.

Accreditation from any of these eight groups is considered to be the best accreditation possible for a school. They are also recipients of the US Department of Education funding and their method of operation is mainly by site visit-peer review.

Following RA-accreditation there are also DETC and ACCSCT accredited schools. At these levels there are some outstanding program-level accreditation schemes. In some cases, the school itself may not be accredited but specific courses of study may be accredited.

By: Jim Greenberg

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There are a variety of addiction treatment programs in Maryland, some scientifically based approaches, and others based on behavioral therapy and some a combination of both. One of such combination is a residential treatment which is used widely, especially for highly addicted patients. The residential treatment program in Maryland is a highly structured and an in depth therapy with the patient. These types of therapies have more to do with making the patients reflect on their concepts and behavior and training them to take a more harmonious approach towards living a normal life.

Residential treatment is perhaps the best treatment program as it entitles a constant watch over the patient. More over the treatment centers in Maryland create a homelike and a very comfortable setting for the patient to help them heal rapidly. Let us look more deeply at the resident treatment in Maryland.

To begin with any such long term treatment, it is necessary to see if the patient voluntarily accepts to get into the treatment program and not due to some pressure from family. Many a times, the patient is in denial. To avoid the humiliation and the embarrassment from the society, they flatly deny the existence of the problem. It is very necessary for them to agree to the person’s dependency, only then will they achieve success. Here an intervention program is sort to help the patients deal with denial.

They motivate the patients to overcome their denial and take up the addiction treatment. They also sometimes use intervention groups with the families and friends to aid their process. Only when a treatment centre is convinced that the patient is here on his or her free will, do they will accept them in their treatment programs.

The next step in the residential treatment program in Maryland comes the health check up. Here the treatment centers check if a patient does not have any alternative problem in body or in mind. If there is a supplementary problem, the treatment needs to be altered according to the patient’s specifics. The residential addiction treatment starts with a detoxifying process.

Here the body is thoroughly cleansed of the toxins of their substance of their addiction. Detoxifying implies the complete removal of the substance of addiction. Due to this intensive process, many a time the patient will get withdrawal symptoms. After the detoxifying process, the patients are taken up for an aftercare program.

One sees a variety of aftercare addiction treatment in Maryland. In residential treatment, quite frequently one sees continual of detoxification process in the aftercare. This is because a lot of patients have been addicted for a long period, and an immediate stop in the use of the addictive substance may cause a withdrawal of its own. One to one mentoring is another phase where a patient spends some time talking with the doctor, who in turn keeps a daily analysis of the patient’s progress.

With this counseling, the patient is also taught various therapies and activities like breathing exercises and art of living which help them distract themselves from their moments of attraction. Yoga has become another popular and an efficient way of helping a patient control his temptations. These aftercare treatments are carried out simultaneously during a residential program.

The aftercare facilities are perhaps the most important phase in the addiction treatment programs. They could last as long as the patient is fully recovered to live a normal life.

Now, let us take a look at the patients who are the most suitable to join such intensive addiction treatments in Maryland.

1. Most of the patients seen here are the long time addicts who have been having their substance of addiction since a lot of years and have now reached a very critical stage. These are the ones who must undergo a very intensive training.

2. There could also be patients who have other physical health problems due to their addiction habits. Their training is a more specialized one as they have to take care they don’t hamper their other problem.

3. The other types of patients seen are those who have been through the less intensive program like outpatient or the medical detoxification but have not been able to curb their disease mentally. These are people who take up a residential training to completely curb their desires mentally.

4. One also gets to see patients in the residential treatment who have committed an offense due to their alcohol or drug addiction. They are sent to these centers by the judiciary to take up the residential treatments.

By: Todd Lange

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For a resident in Maryland, choosing the right in-ground swimming pool for your backyard (and in-ground swimming pool contractor) is very crucial. Done properly, it can result to hours and hours of fun and enjoyment of the whole family. There are many in-ground swimming pool contractors in your area that can help you decide on which swimming pool you should choose, and they can also explain the ins and outs of pools construction to you.

When getting ready for pools construction, you should consider how much time your in-ground swimming pool contractor will take to finish your pools construction. You might also want to look at the cleaning and maintenance SOPs of your pool so that you will not have a hard time in the years to come. Recently, fiberglass swimming pools gain the edge over traditional concrete swimming pools because of the ease of pools construction. Concrete pools construction takes much longer than fiberglass pools construction, and the latter is also cheaper, and is virtually maintenance-free. The only caveat is that fiberglass swimming pools can never be fully drained of water, and it has to be maintained at a certain level.

To make your Maryland pool installation hassle-free, you should take the time in choosing the right in-ground swimming pool contractor who will undertake your pool construction for you. You might want to ask some of your friends and neighbors in Maryland who have undergone pool construction already to recommend a reliable in-ground swimming pool contractor. Ask them how their experience on pool construction was, and what are the things they think should be corrected and repeated. You can also solicit free quotes from Maryland pool installation companies and in-ground swimming pool contractors. Simply provide the specifications of your planned pool construction and these Maryland pool installation companies will come up with a proposal for your pool installation.

You can come up with a shortlist of Maryland pool installation companies for you to evaluate. You will want to ask for the warranty they offer, and their home service arrangements. Some in-ground swimming pool contractors offer lifetime warranties and this will come very handy. Of course, the cost of pool installation will always be one of the decision points and you might even ask these Maryland pool installation companies if they offer in-house financing for your pool installation. Though pool installation seems like a hard work, it will be worth it, knowing that your whole family will have a grand time enjoying your very own swimming pool!

By: Cassandra Cruise

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Virginia saltwater fishing becomes more than just a pastime when May brings the spring weather back – it becomes a way of life. In the month of May, the anglers at and around Chesapeake bay begin to rejoice and congregate as the large game fish specimens begin to filter into the largest estuary in North America in numbers that seem like an impossibility. Most of the saltwater fishing anglers are looking to the south, where red and black drum are returning from winters in southern waters. However, there are still a number of individuals anxiously awaiting the migration of striped bass from the north to infuse the Bay with their great numbers.

Having just completed their yearly spawning rituals in the upper reaches of the Bay tributaries, this species return in mass quantities and sizes reaching 40 inches that make anglers giddy with anticipation. Of course, there are severe restrictions through the first six weeks of Virginia fishing for striped bass that make the early season difficult to comply with, considering the itchy feeling anglers get at the thought of reeling in a huge catch. From May 1st through the 15th, there is a Virginia fishing mandate on the stripers, limiting the catch to one fish per person with a minimum length of 32 inches. From the 16th through the 15th of June, the limit per person is two fish between 18 and 28 inches or one of this size accompanied by one fish at least 32 inches in length.

Fishing in Virginia in the early season is particularly good in the Smith Point area, located at the uppermost portion of Virginia’s western shore. This is a peninsula referred to as the Northern Neck, which is perfectly situated for the interception of the infuse of fish returning from the Potomac and Rappahannock rivers and Maryland’s bay waters after their spawning is completed. Interestingly enough, because of the setup of licenses for Virginia saltwater fishing and Maryland fishing, when the waters are cooler and striper don’t return to the southern waters as soon as normally expected, anglers from Virginia are allowed to fish the waters of Maryland, which are already quite productive in terms of quantity of striped bass available.

Trolling tends to be the most popular and productive method of saltwater fishing for striped bass, since they are moving rapidly and not holding in one place for long. Menhaden are the preferred bait, as well, and if fresh fish cannot be found, use lures that imitate these, including bucktails and spoons in similar sizes. Preferred coloring is white or chartreuse. You might first try the main shipping channel down the bay, where the water is warmer, trolling along the edges at staggered depths between the surface and twenty feet, though this is simply a suggestion and not a guarantee of productive Virginia saltwater fishing for stripers.

By: Daniel Eggertsen

About the Author:

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is commited to providing the best saltwater fishing information possible. Get more information on Virginia saltwater fishing here:

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By James F. Cotter

 Local and state governments  display more common sense than the national government  because they are closer to the people.   Right? 

 Wrong–emphatically wrong.   Historically–and this is true internationally– the closer the   government is to home, the more corrupt (and inane)  it is.

Case in point:

Chuck Sheppard’s News of the Weird relays this item from the Detroit News of 19 December 2008:   “In December, the city council in Brighton, Mich., passed an ordinance making it illegal for anyone to be ‘annoying’ in public, ‘by word of mouth, sign or motions.’ Violators can be ticketed and fined.” (1)               

If I may be forgiven a certain degree of sarcasm,  I basically love this law, but it could use a bit of specificity–i.e, if I give someone the finger in Brighton, Michigan, that would probably be considered annoyance by “sign or motions.”  But what if he annoys me first?  Then could I give him the finger?

Otherwise, what a wonderful idea! With some clarifications, this should be a nationwide law. If that happens, the following types, and others, had better watch their step:

People whose car horns honk a few moments after they park and leave the car.  Their horns thereby say for them, “Here I am, everybody!”  These people ought to be impounded and their creepy cars demolished and sold as scrap metal.

Kids on skateboards.

Adults on skateboards.

People who use cell phones while driving, or while in a grocery store–in fact, anyplace where I can see or hear them.

People who spout mindless clichés like, “It’s all good.”  Nothing is all good.  God, that’s annoying.

Idiots who say “Democrat Party,” knowing damned well it’s the “Democratic Party.”  (As best I can tell, this clownish knuckleheadism was started by Bob Dole in his vice-presidential debate with Walter Mondale in 1976.)

People who haven’t a clue what a turn signal is for.

Drooling ignoramuses who think Barak Obama is the anti-Christ.

People who bring children into public places.  And that reminds me:

Obese people who block the aisle at the grocery.  Half the aisle (sometimes the entire aisle) is obstructed by their heft, the other half by their shopping cart; and, more often than not, they’ve got at least five children with them, so that your chances of even getting close to the heft or the cart, affording a prayer in hell of somehow getting past one or the other, are absolutely shot to pieces.

Gun nuts.  These people (not necessarily limited to NRA members) tend to be the stupidest and least stable gun owners on the planet, and should not be allowed within 100 miles of a gun or even a safety pin.

People who pretend to be allergic to cats or cigarette smoke.

Aside from the Brighton, Michigan ordinance, Arkansas forbids atheists from holding statewide office or testifying in court.  (Will atheism also exempt Arkansans from jury duty?)   Similar disqualifications for atheists are on the books in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Mississippi and, of course, Texas. (2) Such discrimination is obviously unconstitutional, and has been declared so by the Supreme Court, but who cares?  Certainly not the legislatures of these states.  The Constitution is only a scrap of paper; Bush and Cheney never let it get in their way. 

Let’s expand on this great idea. I think we should ban these people from holding office because I don’t happen to agree with them: 





Eastern Orthodox

Western Orthodox

Southern and Northern Orthodox

In fact, very denomination except mine

Anyone who lives south of Connecticut

If we can make national such enlightened state and local  measures–or as Joe Bob would say,  if we can jist git past the dadgum fed’l guvment–then we’ll have our country back again.

I can’t wait.







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When an obsessed fan of Trish Stratus appeared on RAW on October 10th, 2005, little did anyone expect that she would one day surpass her idol and earn her 4th WWE Women’s Championship in less than three years.

Yet, on hindsight, who is really surprised? Mickie James is, after all, a femme fatale.

Hi, and welcome to the first edition of Femme Fatale, a column that appreciates the finer side of the wrestling world – the women. From WWE Divas to TNA Knockouts, from Joshi Puroresu to G.L.O.R.Y. Girls, I’ll feature the best from the past, present and I’ll even throw in some future predictions. But not every female wrestler qualifies as a femme fatale. No, for someone to be featured, they need to meet two major criteria.

Firstly, they have to be seductive. A true femme fatale is someone who can use her femininity as a weapon. She needs to be someone who is aware of how potent she can become in order to get what she wants, when she wants it. She is someone who charms those around her and uses them as she pleases.

Secondly, they have to be lethal. The femme fatale knows how to draw her targets into compromising, dangerous, sometimes even deadly situations. Moreover, she does it not in an obvious manner, but uses subterfuge to achieve her hidden agenda.

No one typifies the femme fatale more than Mickie James, the current WWE Women’s Champion. From the first moment we spotted her on WWE television, we knew she had what it took to achieve arguably the biggest prize in the industry. But let’s look at her six-year journey towards that first title reign.

Mickie Laree James was born August 31st, 1979 and began her professional wrestling career at the age of 20 as a valet to the likes of Tommy Dreamer and Julio Dinero. Calling herself Alexis Laree, she wasn’t simply content to be eye candy at ringside, getting physically involved in one match after another. She even helped Tommy Dreamer win the KYDA Pro Heavyweight Championship. Eventually, her love for the industry led her to get in the ring and compete against established opponents like Allison Danger and Lexie Fyfe, until the name Alexis Laree became associated with fast-paced, exciting wrestling in Maryland Championship Wrestling and other federations in the East Coast independent scene.

In the years that followed, having proven herself more than capable of attracting fans to shows that she was booked on, Alexis Laree began to win titles and cement her popularity. In 2001, she won a battle royal for the Southern Championship Wrestling Diva title. Less than two years later, Alexis Laree was hot property, winning numerous titles across several promotions. In fact, 2003 was a watershed year for the young professional wrestler. She not only became the first Cyberspace Wrestling Federation Women’s Champion, beating the likes of Serena and April Hunter, but also beating Billy Reil to win the Impact Championship Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Title! All in all, Alexis Laree held six different titles that year, most of them simultaneously.

But even greater things were to come for the young femme fatale. In April of 2003, Alexis Laree went for a WWE tryout match against her good friend Dawn Marie. The very next day, she was scheduled to appear on an NWA:TNA pay per view with Julio Dinero as part of Raven’s new group The Gathering in a now infamous Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. It was this involvement with Raven on a national level that truly propelled Alexis Laree further into the limelight and into the consciousness of the wrestling fanatics.

Having spent several months with TNA, Alexis Laree finally took the most important step in her career and had a tryout match with Dawn Marie before signing a developmental deal with the WWE in August 2003. She was immediately sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling, where she quickly stood out among the other female hopefuls, including Jillian Hall and Melina.

It was in OVW that Alexis Laree began to evolve the persona of Mickie James that we are all familiar with today. Her high energy, in-your-face attitude was exactly what RAW needed to spice up their roster that was getting a little stale from the boring Diva Search. Of course, it was hard not to notice her ridiculously short skirts that hid very little when she bounced around the ring, pulling her hair. Often, it was difficult to determine where her real personality ended and her kayfabe gimmick began. One thing is for sure: Mickie James is a true wrestling fan, who counts former WWE Diva Lita as one of her all-time favourites.

On RAW, however, it was Trish Stratus who received the honour of being paired with Mickie James. On October 10th, 2005, the future Women’s Champion made her first RAW appearance as the then-Women’s Champion’s biggest fan. In what might have been a subtle hint from the WWE to the many of its fans who can be a little intimidating when face-to-face with their favourite Superstars, the debuting Mickie James turned out to be too overwhelmed when given the opportunity to work with Trish Stratus.

Mickie James took her fandom to heights never seen before. At the start of the following month, during Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal at Taboo Tuesday, she dressed up as Trish Stratus (complete with entrance music and fake title belt) and then went on to eliminate herself and Victoria in order to help Trish retain her title.

In the months that followed, Mickie James began to use moves like the Trish Kick, which she renamed the Mick Kick, as well as the Lou Thesz press that were signature moves of Trish Stratus. Ironically, though, during a #1 Contender’s Match on RAW in December 2005, Victoria was able to counter the Mick-a-Rana (yet another signature move borrowed from Trish) but was unable to defend against a vicious Standing Tornado DDT that was very much a Mickie James original.

With the win over Victoria, Mickie James was now the #1 Contender to the title held by Trish Stratus. In the weeks leading up to New Year’s Revolution, Mickie James started to play head games with her opponent and idol. Outside the ring, Mickie James followed her idol everywhere, and in a now infamous episode – kissed Trish Stratus beneath the mistletoe during the Christmas RAW episode. The following week, Mickie followed Trish even into the shower room, where she strategically held up a towel in order to catch a glimpse of her favourite Diva’s ***** body.

Despite all the psychological confusion between the two Divas, Trish Stratus was ultimately able to defend her title successfully at New Year’s Revolution. Nonetheless, Mickie James continued to subtly push for a ******* relationship with the Women’s Champion, much to the indignation of Ashley, who considered Trish a mentor figure.

Ashley warned Trish about Mickie, calling her a ‘psycho’, which only led to a jealous Mickie executing a series of vicious attacks on her “rival”. This culminated in a match at the 2006 Royal Rumble, where Mickie confessed her love for Trish, who was the special guest referee. Ultimately, Trish was forced to tell Mickie in March that they needed some time apart. Despite Mickie’s broken heart, she persevered and became Trish’s tag team partner at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

However, that night marked the turning point of Mickie’s infatuation with Trish, when she turned on her idol with a Mick Kick and gave her a taste of her own Stratusfaction. Mickie later said that Trish had broken her heart, and now she was going to break Trish.

So it was that at Wrestlemania 22, on the grandest stage of them all, Mickie James once again challenged Trish Stratus for the second time that year. The Women’s Championship was on the line, and unlike the New Year’s Revolution match, there was no love lost between the two competitors. It was a brutal match that saw both women take out months of frustration and emotional turmoil on each other. Mickie played her psychotic role well, taking sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain on her former idol. Amazingly enough, midway through the match, it was clear that Mickie’s intensity was resonating with the thousands in attendance. They began cheering with each offensive move that connected with the Women’s Champion as Mickie James slowly won their admiration.

Finally, it all came down to a huge powerbomb by Trish Stratus that threatened to end the epic match, but Mickie James kicked out and then delivered her patented Mick Kick to the head, knocking Trish semi-concious and allowing Mickie to pin her and win her first WWE Women’s Championship, much to the delight of her new fans.

Mickie’s career in the WWE following her first title reign has naturally seen its ups and downs. She lost the title later in 2006 to Lita, but her rising popularity resulted in a face turn. Following the retirement of Trish Stratus, she would once again feud with Lita over the title belt, wrestling in a series of matches before winning the title for a second time at Survivor Series. This also gave Mickie James the privilege of wrestling Lita’s final match in the WWE.

In 2007, as Women’s Champion, Mickie James was involved in a feud with her OVW rival, Melina which climaxed in the first ever Women’s Falls Count Anywhere Match in March. The following month, Mickie won her third title at a house show in Paris, only to lose it minutes later to Melina. That would be the closest that Mickie came to the title for most of the year.

On November 26, however, Mickie James defeated Melina in a #1 Contender’s match for the Women’s Championship, then held by “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix, setting up a title match between the two at Armageddon, a match in which Beth Phoenix successfully defended her Women’s title.

It was around this time that rumours were going around that Ashley was supposed to receive a title push after Wrestlemania 24. However, because she was injury prone (she has had several surgeries on her ankle) it was widely believed that this push would have to be given to someone else.

In a roster that prized both looks as well as athleticism, only one credible face could become a suitable replacement. This was none other than Mickie James, who ironically replaced her one-time rival Ashley as the next Women’s Champion. Hindsight proved that this replacement could not have been timed better. Less than a month later, Ashley received some bad press about her former involvement in an online escort service.

So it was that, on the April 14th 2008 edition of RAW, held in London, Micke James defeated “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix to win her fourth Women’s Championship.

This weekend, at Judgment Day, Mickie James faces what might arguably be her toughest challenge yet. A triple threat match with Melina and Beth Phoenix with the Women’s Title on the line. Will the four-time Women’s Champion prevail against such dangerous odds? Only time will tell. Yet we can be sure of one thing, Mickie James will not go down without a fight.

By: Wrestling Game

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Why Rent in Maryland?

From the mountains of Cumberland, to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland has everything a potential renter would want. The large metropolitan city of Baltimore is home to many fortune 500 companies, excellent dining, and an ecclectic art scene.  If you are looking for a slower pace, Maryland has many miles of agricultural and forested tracts for rural living at it’s best.

Whether you are looking for sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis and Harve de Grace, or wide open pastures in the horse country of Dullaney Valley, Maryland has everything in between.

With the unemployment rate well below the national average, Maryland has many potential employers. With it’s close proximty to the nations capital, hundreds of government agencies await job seekers.  Maryland is home to over 350 biotechnology firms, and is a hub for the life sciences industry. Baltimore is also the headquarters for financial companies T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason.  With the Base Realignment and Closure directive, Aberdeen Proving Ground in Harford County, is getting a huge influx of new science and engineering jobs.

Maryland offers some of the nations premier education institutions like John’s Hopkins University.  With excellent hospitals, and the world famous Maryland Shock Trauma, Maryland is a mecca for healthcare professionals. Whether you have a job already, or are looking, Maryland offers exciting opportunities to potential renters.

Maryland has many things to offer the new renter for all seasons. Enjoy steamed crabs in the picturesque Inner Harbor, or catch an Orioles game at the world famous Camden Yards. See the annual running of the Preakness, the second race in the Triple Crown. Take a tour of the historic Fort McHenry and learn about American history. See a musical at the newly renovated Hippodrome Theater. Catch the Super Bowl Winning Ravens at the modern M&T Bank stadium. Visit the boardwalk and beaches of Ocean City for a great summer vacation. Test your skill on one of the black diamonds at one of the local ski resorts.  In addition, Maryland has thousands of dining and entertainment choices.

Consider Maryland when choosing your next rental home, and see what listings are available.

By: Tony Swanson

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Tony Swanson
Rental Consultant


Do you know the Cincinnati Bengals by name and number? Have you had the chance to check out the players on this great team? If not, here’s a breakdown on who they are and where they came from. Starting at the top alphabetically:

Kirk Barton (70) from Ohio State, James Blair (67) from Western Michigan, Marcus Brown (43) from McNeese State, Digger Bujnoch (61) from Cincinnati, Andre Caldwell (87) from Florida, Simeon Castille (21) from Alabama, Antonio Chatman (83) from Cincinnati, Daniel Coats (49) from Brigham Young, Anthony Collins (73) from Kansas, Kyle Cook (64) from Michigan State, Andrew Crummey (60) from Maryland, Victor DeGrate (69) from Oklahoma State, Mike Doss (44) from Ohio State, Jonathan Fanene (68) from Utah, Robert Geathers (91) from Georgia, Leon Hall (29) from Michigan, Chris Harrington (96) from Texas A&M, Kyries Hebert (34) from Louisiana-Lafayette, Eric Henderson (50) from Georgia Tech, Chris Henry (15) from West Virginia, Abdul Hodge (52) from Iowa, Dexter Jackson (28) from Florida State, James Johnson (39) from Kansas State, David Jones (20) from Wingate, Dhani Jones (57) from Michigan, Levi Jones (76) from Arizona State Johnathan Joseph (22) from South Carolina, Reggie Kelly (82) from Mississippi State, Scott Kooistra (75) from North Carolina State, Kyle Larson (19) from Nebraska, Nate Lawrie (80) from Yale, Nate Livings (62) from Louisiana State, Corey Lynch (47) from Appalachian State, Evan Mathis (66) from Alabama, Jim Maxwell (58) from Gardner-Webb, Chinedum Ndukwe (41) from Notre Dame, Chad Ocho Cinco (85) from Oregon state, Antwan Odom (98) from Alabama, Carson Palmer (9) from Southern California, Jordan Palmer (5) from Texas-El Paso, Domata Peko (94) from Michigan State, Chris Perry (23) from Michigan, Geoffrey Pope (24) from Howard, Maurice Purify (14) from Nebrasks, Keith Rivers (55) from Southern California, Dennis Roland (74) from Georgia, Frostee Rucker (92) from Southern California, J.D. Runnels (38) from Oklahoma, Dan Santucci (65) from Notre Dame, Matt Sherry (88) from Villanova, Jason Shirley (99) from Fresno State, Jerome Simpson (89) from Coastal Carolina, Pat Sims (90) from Auburn, Brad St. Louis (48) from Southwest Missouri State, Mario Urrutia (18) from Louisville, Ben Utecht (81) from Minnesota, Kenny Watson (33) from Penn State, Marvin White 926) from Texas Christian, Andrew Whitworth (77) from Louisiana State and Bobbie Williams (63) from Arkansas.

The unrestricted free agents for the Bengals include Stacy Andrews (79) from Mississippi, Cedric Benson (32) from Texas, Darryl Blackstock (56) from Virginia, Chris Crocker (42) from Marshall, Ryan Fitzpatrick (11) from Harvard, Jamar Fletcher (25) from Wisconsin, Eric Ghiaciuc (53) from Central Michigan, Shayne Graham (17) from Virginia Tech, T.J. Houshmandzadeh (84) from Oregon State and John Thornton (97) from West Virginia.

The restricted free agents include John Busing (40) from Miami, DeDe Dorsey (27) from Lindenwood, Glenn Holt (16) from Kentucky, Rashad Jeanty (93) from Central Florida, Brandon Johnson (59) from Louisville and Corey Mays (51) from Notre Dame.

And finally, one unsigned player that the Bengals have exclusive rights to who is Orien Harris (95) from Miami.


By: Robert

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Towson, MD – March 13, 2008 – Senior Helpers, one of the nation’s leading full-service home care companies providing personal and professional caregiver services to seniors who want to maintain their independence in their homes, has earned top spots in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 rankings. The company was awarded three prominent spots in the publication’s prestigious Franchise 500 rankings, including: #25 Top New Franchise Ranking, #351 Franchise 500 Ranking, #93 Fastest-Growing Franchise Ranking.

“Since inception, Senior Helpers has experienced tremendous growth. Having such a well respected magazine recognize our company with such accolades, builds a lot of pride in the services we provide,” said Peter Ross, CEO and Co-founder of Senior Helpers. “The rankings we received in Entrepreneur Magazine prove that the company we’ve built is now a proven leader in the senior care industry, poised for both on-going growth and sustainability.”

Senior Helpers first opened its doors in 2001 in Towson, Maryland as a result of two friends who were unable to find at-home assistance for their elderly loved ones. The entrepreneurial friends, Peter Ross and Tony Bonacuse, co-founded Senior Helpers with the idea of franchising right from the start. Bonacuse opened the first location, which flourished in his Maryland hometown. Then, in early 2005, Ross successfully opened a second location in Southern California and in August, the company began franchising, opening up 21 additional locations within one year. The momentum continued, leading to more than 180 franchise locations serving markets across the country.

Senior Helpers provides a wide range of personal and companion care services to assist senior citizens living independently at home, with a strong focus on both the quality of life for the client and peace of mind for the family. A few of their services include: help with housework, meal preparation, errands, transportation, medication reminders and Alzheimer’s care. They also offer dressing, bathing, and personal hygiene assistance provided by Certified Nurses Aids (CNAs) – services that traditional caregiver companies do not always provide.

Speaking of their success, “We feel so fortunate that through establishing this company, we have not only provided peace of mind for the family, but also a service that provides personal, quality care for each of our clients,” commented Tony Bonacuse, President and Co-founder of Senior Helpers. “Senior Helpers is now recognized as a solution for families who are struggling to find reliable and professional caregivers who will spend quality time with their loved ones, while still providing whatever assistance they may need.”

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By: Sue Yannello For Senior Helpers

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About Senior Helpers:
Senior Helpers connects senior citizens with professional caregivers who provide dependable and affordable home care. Established in 2001 in Baltimore, Maryland, Senior Helpers is a leader in personal assistance that betters the quality of life for seniors and their family across the US. The company began franchising in 2005, and now they serve areas across the US. For more information, please visit:

Sue Yannello

southern maryland

Vacation Planner:

Having visited Ocean City as a child, than as a parent, and now living here with my grandchildren has given me a unique look at what Ocean City has to offer. From a day trip to a yearly vacation I will offer my advice on things I have enjoyed over the years.

Things have changed over the course of 50 years but not as much as you may think. Gone are the sand dunes and wilderness that existed north of 60th Street when I was a child. They have been replaced with high-rise condominiums, strip malls, hotels, restaurants, and residential buildings of every possible configuration.

The boardwalk now runs from the Inlet at the southern edge of Ocean City to 26th Street. Most of the “action” is from 4th Street-south. If you want to stay where the action is I recommend staying on the boardwalk. This is a great area if you have teenagers or just like the hustle and bustle atmosphere. Even the boardwalk can be further broken down by just how much action you want. The further you get from the inlet the more relaxed the boardwalk becomes. See my article, Where to Stay, for a complete listing of what each area of Ocean City is like.

While not everyone likes the same entertainment, I’m going to assume that the major reason for coming to Ocean City is the ocean. Our beaches are fairly consistent throughout Ocean City with fairly wide expanses, very clean, and lifeguards stationed every block with communication systems connecting the entire beach. The one major exception to this is from the inlet to about 6th Street; this area has an extremely wide beach area with volleyball and play areas. This is good for daily visitors and children but difficult for the elderly and handicapped. Access to the beach from the end of the boardwalk-north is limited to paths made through the sand dunes at the end of each street. Rentals of chairs, umbrellas, and boogie boards are available on every block entrance to the beach (as of this writing). There are plenty of places to eat lunch all along the boardwalk but make other plans for lunch if you stay off the boardwalk. See beach rules for a list of do’s and don’ts.

To get away from the action and have a more relaxed day at the beach I recommend Assateague Island State and Assateague Island National Park. Although the actual park starts at the inlet you must drive about 15 minutes to get to the parks entrances. Take Route 50 west, than Route 611 south. Route 611 ends at Assateague Island. Here you will find the State Park and the National Park. The State Park is somewhat more expensive to enter but has a snack bar. I personally prefer the National Park because it has more to offer. While the State Park is limited to a snack bar, the National Park has canoe rentals; tours, a crabbing pier, and a 4 wheel drive only area (permit required). Fires are allowed on the beach at night from the low tide mark to the high tide mark. Both areas offer lifeguarded beaches, picnic tables, grills, rest rooms, and showers. Campsites are available at both parks but advanced reservations are almost always required.

Entertainment doesn’t stop at the beach.                                                                       

The boardwalk offers rides, games, arcades, shops, and of course food for the kid in all of us. Here again, the action is centered from 1st Street to the inlet. To entertain the kids and the kids at heart I would suggest Splash Mountain at 30th Street and Coastal Hwy. There are several types of water slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, snack bars, and my favorite the Rain Forest. The Rain Forest is fun for everyone; it has super sized ****** guns to shoot people as they walk by (my favorite-I get in battles with people from 6 to 60), water slides, a giant pirate hat that slowly fills and dumps its contents on everyone below, and water ********* at you from everywhere. Trust me; this giant sized water version of a jungle gym is worth the admission price by itself. It is so fun that the lifeguards wear rain hats and coats.

There are numerous race tracks for every age and miniature golf courses featuring something for everyone. For a complete list of fun things to do visit our entertainment page.

For the adults there are nightclubs catering to every age group and bars with many different themes. Seacrets is so popular with young adults that it has its own radio station while Fager’s Island is popular with the more sophisticated crowd. In between is everything from karaoke to beach bars.

A rainy day can be spent; going to the movies, going shopping, visiting the indoor pools located at many hotels, sitting on your balcony watching the ocean, taking a day trip to historic Berlin, Md., or just enjoying a long lunch at one of the waterfront restaurants.

Dinner in Ocean City for most of us is kind of like Family Feud. There are so many choices and nobody ever feels like the same thing at the same time. My family starts discussing dinner plans early so reservations can be made if required. During the peak season keep in mind that lines at popular restaurants can be long (even if the food is just so-so). My personal recommendations are: 1-Marina Deck, excellent crab soup and seafood dishes, and it’s on the water 2-Waterman’s Seafood Restaurant, very good crab feast and seafood 3-Nick’s Original House of Ribs, very good ribs and beef 4-Harpoon Hanna’s, very good seafood and on the water (service somewhat slow) 5-The Crabcake Factory USA, the best crab cakes, 6-Higgins Crab House, very good crabs and good seafood, 7-Bull on the Beach, excellent pit beef and good beef entrees, 8-Adolofo’s Italian Restaurant, excellent Italian dishes (expensive), 9-Embers Restaurant, very good seafood and prime rib buffet, 10-Ponzetti’s Pizza, my favorite pizza, 11-Lombardi’s, another good pizza and Italian restaurant, 12-Sakura, excellent Japanese steak house, 13-Phillip’s Crab House, good seafood (worth a visit but no longer the best seafood in Ocean City), 14-Outback Steakhouse, the same food you get at home but it’s good when you get tired of trying new places. These are my favorite restaurants. There are many great choices and many different ideas about what a good meal is. A good restaurant to me is a combination of very good to excellent food with reasonable prices, good service, and a varied menu for the entire family. Please leave reviews for restaurants you visit during your stay to help others choose a good restaurant.   

By: Frank Keller

About the Author:

Ocean City, Maryland – I’ve been traveling to Ocean City for over 40 years and now live here. My name is Frank Keller and I’d like to share my knowledge of the area with everyone interested in visiting or living here. Come visit our site for more articles and a vast variety of interesting things to do and see.

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