Why Rent in Maryland?

From the mountains of Cumberland, to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland has everything a potential renter would want. The large metropolitan city of Baltimore is home to many fortune 500 companies, excellent dining, and an ecclectic art scene.  If you are looking for a slower pace, Maryland has many miles of agricultural and forested tracts for rural living at it’s best.

Whether you are looking for sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis and Harve de Grace, or wide open pastures in the horse country of Dullaney Valley, Maryland has everything in between.

With the unemployment rate well below the national average, Maryland has many potential employers. With it’s close proximty to the nations capital, hundreds of government agencies await job seekers.  Maryland is home to over 350 biotechnology firms, and is a hub for the life sciences industry. Baltimore is also the headquarters for financial companies T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason.  With the Base Realignment and Closure directive, Aberdeen Proving Ground in Harford County, is getting a huge influx of new science and engineering jobs.

Maryland offers some of the nations premier education institutions like John’s Hopkins University.  With excellent hospitals, and the world famous Maryland Shock Trauma, Maryland is a mecca for healthcare professionals. Whether you have a job already, or are looking, Maryland offers exciting opportunities to potential renters.

Maryland has many things to offer the new renter for all seasons. Enjoy steamed crabs in the picturesque Inner Harbor, or catch an Orioles game at the world famous Camden Yards. See the annual running of the Preakness, the second race in the Triple Crown. Take a tour of the historic Fort McHenry and learn about American history. See a musical at the newly renovated Hippodrome Theater. Catch the Super Bowl Winning Ravens at the modern M&T Bank stadium. Visit the boardwalk and beaches of Ocean City for a great summer vacation. Test your skill on one of the black diamonds at one of the local ski resorts.  In addition, Maryland has thousands of dining and entertainment choices.

Consider Maryland when choosing your next rental home, and see what listings are available. 


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Tony Swanson
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Annapolis, a city of about 36,408 citizens at last count, is in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It’s humid, subtropical climate makes it attractive to summer visitors, and relatively mild in the winter. This is a relaxed city, with a glorious natural environment and lots to do.

Annapolis centers around its waterfront. The large city dock was developed in the 17th century, as a port for the tobacco trade. Today, it is not only a working port, but home to the Annapolis Power and Sail Boat Show, the nation’s largest in-water recreational water-craft show. Boaters flock to the Severn River and Chesapeake Bay area, where numerous boat basins offer them safe harbor. Visitors can hire a sail-boat tour or a fishing charter and enjoy the day on the sun-soaked water. There are also numerous boating schools for aspiring sailors and power-boaters. There is even a boating school just for women of all ages.

An historic city, Annapolis retains a lot of architecture dating from the 18th century, perhaps even more than nay other city in the US. The city’s Historic Annapolis Foundation works hard to preserve Annapolis’s historic flair. They have saved and contributed to the restoration of over 400 buildings. Along with many other special interest and educational programs, they conduct tours of notable sites in the city, complete with historically-dressed guides.

There is so much to do in Annapolis. The quaint historic districts feature fine shopping, numerous five star restaurants and two theaters, Colonial Players and the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre. While Colonial Players puts on shows all year long in their small theater on East St., the Summer Garden Theatre performs on an outdoor stage by the dock in the warmer months of the year only. These performances are free and open to the public.

The entire Maryland area contains affluent, highly educated communities. Rumor has it that Maryland suburbs are home to more graduate degree holders than is average in the nation. Something that makes it extra special is that the state’s educated helps to take care of its poor. Annapolis is home to the largest concentration of public housing developments per square foot than any other city in the state. There are public education programs specifically designed to help students from the projects.

Annapolis is a unique and wonderful city to live in. Residents here know it is special, and visitors discover this every year.

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Branden Schroeder is a Realtor serving the Maryland real estate market. Branden’s background in law has enabled him to provide a level of service in the real estate market that is unequaled by other agents. For more info on Annapolis real estate contact Branden or visit online at www.marylandhomesandproperty.com

The Maryland foreclosure process is not that difficult to understand. In Maryland, as with the rest of the United States excluding a few blue-chip areas, foreclosure rates on home mortgages are at record high levels. If you are in a compromised position concerning the state of your home mortgage and have questions concerning your rights and the steps you should take, then read on.

The Maryland foreclosure process:

There are three basic criterions with which a lender may initiate a foreclosure on your mortgage. They are:

Judicial foreclosures

If your mortgage or deed of trust has no power of sale or assent to decree clause included, then a lender must initiate a formal complaint against you and request a decree of sale. It is then up to the court to discern whether a default has in fact occurred and issue the decree.

Non-judicial foreclosures

If your mortgage or deed of trust has a power of sale or assent to decree clause included, then a lender is pre-authorized to sell your property in the event of a default. With the Maryland foreclosure process, the lender must still file an order to docket in advance of initiating the foreclosure proceedings. There is however no requirement for a formal hearing to transpire before the proceedings begin.

Assent to decree

Here, the foreclosure process is simplified for the lender as the security documentation already includes a clause, signed by the borrower, that the borrower agrees to an entry for sale upon a pre-specified default amount. Although the lender must still file the motion in court, there is no requirement to wait for an answer or have a hearing in order for the foreclosure process to ensue.

Maryland Foreclosure Guidelines

The lender must have a notice of sale published in a local newspaper for 3 consecutive weeks before the sale is to transpire. The borrower must be informed of the intended sale by certified mail more than 10 days, but less than 30 days prior to the sale.

Only a trustee (an authorized representative of the lender) or the sheriff may conduct the sale. The sale must transpire either at the local courthouse, at the property for sale or at a location that has been included in the advertisements concerning the sale.

If for any reason the sale is postponed, the rescheduled date of sale must be published in the same manner as the first date of sale was.

When the sale has been completed, the seller must notify the court of the sale including complete details. This is to happen within 30 days from the sale date. 

Lenders may file a deficiency judgment for up to 3 years. The amount of this deficiency judgment request is limited to the balance of the defaulted loan. The lender must also forego the costs of the foreclosure sale.

The timeline for the Maryland foreclosure process to be completed is typically 90 days. There is no right of redemption in Maryland. Understanding your rights and the rights of the lender for your mortgage is a necessary and valuable asset when your are faced with the possibility of foreclosure. To learn more about the Maryland foreclosure process, please visit Stop Foreclosure Help Today.

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Igor Mosyak holds the MBA and BS in International Business and Marketing from University of Maryland at College Park. Igor has an extensive knowledge in marketing and advertising from his previous experience and current career in the world of International and Domestic Real Estate activities. Igor Mosyak is the owner and operator of www.StopForeclosureHelpToday.com an organization dedicated to helping homeowners facing foreclosure. We provide a wealth of information on the whole foreclosure process and provide visitors of our website with FREE e-Book on “Stopping Foreclosure-Understanding Your Options”


Venture into Real Estate

The Maryland real estate business would be a very good business venture to go into in the state. This is because Maryland, which is situated in the East Coast of the United States, is the second wealthiest state in the nation. The state is noted to have a median income of $61,592 per household.

The Blessed Economy

The economy of any state is an important factor when it comes to real estate investment. Because of this, anyone who wants to buy into the Maryland real estate market would be happy to note that aside from the hefty median household income of the state, its total GSP was also $228 billion in 2004. The personal income on a per capita basis was also recorded at $37,446 in 2003, which ranked Maryland as 5th among the 50 states of the US. It is to be emphasized that most of the state’s economy is focused in the sector that provides tertiary service. Transportation services are under this sector and they mainly lie on port services as well as rail and trucking.

Life Springs Here

Another notable feature of the state is its being a hub for life sciences. Maryland has more than 350 biotechnology firms, the third to have such a large cluster of firms in the nation. It is also home to some of the country’s important and well-known agencies and institutions, which are situated all the throughout the state. These include the Food and Drug Administration (FDA0, the John Hopkins University, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Diversified Topography

Maryland’s wealth and its being a hub for life sciences are not the only assets of the state. The Maryland real estate market could also stand to gain from the diversity of the state’s topography. This is because people are more allured to stay in states that offer them wide variety of landscapes. Maryland earned the moniker “America in Miniature” because it has possibly all the landscapes that are common in all parts of the great nation.

Changing Climate

Because of these varied landscapes, the state is also known to have quite a wide range of climates that could suit the individual preferences of anyone who might want to buy Maryland real estate. Each region of Maryland that features a different kind of topography from the next one usually experiences different types of weather. The flat region has hot and dry summers with short and winters that are short but range from mild to cold. The other regions may experience a variance of such climate with the difference lying mostly on the winter seasons where the climate could run from being mild to being extremely cold with heavy snowfall.

All the great assets that are inherent in the state of Maryland are enough to make any investment made on the Maryland real estate prosper. Investors are ensured of huge capital gains because many would want to be part of this wealthy state.

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Seth Willis Jr. is the webmaster for http://www.planetpads.com and a savvy real estate investor. His focus for Planet Pads is to allow users to showcase their real estate from all over the world .Users can browse properties , rentals , vacation homes and commercial properties from every corner of the globe.


Who doesn’t want to get rich? Well, a good start would be a move to the prosperous state of Maryland – recently voted the wealthiest state in the whole of the USA. Now, that may come as a surprise to some of you, but in case it could rub off on you, you may want to check into this diverse state.

Climate wise you can take your pick. Although Maryland is only as big as Belgium, in Europe, it has three distinct weather patterns. Happily they all have warm and sunny summers.

Choose from hot, humid (subtropical) summers and short, mild winters – this would be around Annapolis and southern and eastern greater Baltimore. The extreme west of Maryland boasts mild summers and cold snowy winters. The Piedmont region encompassing northern and western greater Baltimore has moderately cold snowy winters and hot humid summers.

Home to the largest estuary in the US (200 miles long), which is spanned by one of the longest bridges (4.3 miles from end to end), Chesapeake Bay has over 100,000 streams and rivers that drain into it, so there are lots of affordable waterfront properties out there.

Boaters of all description will never tire of the coastlines. With an ecosystem of rivers, wetlands, and grasses that is nurtured to support nearly 7,000 different species of plants, fish, shellfish and animals and 29 species of waterfowl – Maryland is surely a child’s paradise. Who would ever want to go away for a vacation? Just give your kid a bucket and he or she will be busy all day collecting.

When the family is older, Maryland has an enviable choice of schools, with several religions represented including Seventh-day Adventist, Quaker, Jewish and Catholic, as well as many publicly funded charter schools.

Maryland is the proud owner of the third oldest college in the United States, St. John’s College founded in 1696. In 1876, this college also funded Baltimore’s world renowned John Hopkins University. There are 18 other private colleges and universities to choose from as well as state and federally funded institutions.

There is no shortage of sports to watch, either! In fact Maryland is host to two National Football League teams. The Annapolis Sports Facilities Guide lists 21 different sports that you can pursue.

For some reason sport brings hospitals to mind; Maryland has over 40 hospitals and health care facilities. In fact, with its wealth of historical and cultural background, Maryland is short on nothing. Except perhaps your family…?

By: Branden Schroeder

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Written on behalf of Branden Schroeder, Maryland’s first “EcoBroker.” Specializing in Maryland real estate, Branden has extensive experience working with clients from all over the country. If you would like to learn about Annapolis real estate, visit Branden today at www.marylandhomesandproperty.com


While Maryland, as a state, isn’t quite as big as California or Texas, simply thinking “I want to buy real estate in Maryland” presents a number of unanswered questions, the most notable question that you’ll receive from a reputable Maryland realtor is, “Where in Maryland?”

It’s an important question to answer. After all, while the MARC train makes it easy for those who live in Baltimore to commute to Washington, DC, the commute from Baltimore is a lot longer than the commute from Rockville, Silver Spring or Oxon Hill. Therefore, when you’re interested in buying real estate in Maryland, you’re going to find that it’s important to choose a location – or at least to narrow down the areas in which you’d like to live.

However, don’t think that choosing an area in which to buy real estate in Maryland is all that there is going to be to the process; likewise, don’t assume that the real estate agent that you’re going to be working with should be the one who does the majority of the work. Ultimately, when it comes to finding the property that can quickly transform itself into your dream home, you are going to be the one who can sense it.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to take advantage of tools that will enable you to learn more about buying real estate in Maryland on your own. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when you have them, but focus first on answering questions for yourself.

For example, what characteristics do you want the real estate in Maryland that you buy to have? Do you want to have a home or condo with a back to the woods so that even though you’re close to public transportation or the city you can feel like there’s a way to get away from it all? For that matter, how important is access to public transportation when you choose real estate in Maryland?

All of the things that are important to you – both your needs in real estate in Maryland and the things that you want the properties that you purchase to have – are going to have an impact on the way that you search for properties and on the decisions that you make. Ultimately, what you’re going to recognize is that the understanding those wants and needs is the key to finding the right real estate in Maryland – whether you are searching for a home of your own or you intend to make a business investment in property.

In other words, whether you are looking for a multi-family property or you are searching for a home in foreclosure that’s about to hit the auction block, whether you are looking for a home in Baltimore or in the Metro DC area, buying real estate in Maryland is all about knowing what is important to you. By taking the time to identify what you want to have in real estate in Maryland and making a commitment to finding it, you can be sure that you find the right property – one that meets all of your needs.

By: Sig Yanosway

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For more information on Real Estate in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia visit DROdio.com


When you’ve started thinking about buying Maryland real estate, there are going to be some obvious steps that you are going to take. It’s important for you to be able to look at whether you’re interested in living somewhere close to Washington, DC – say Silver Springs or New Carrolton where you can hop on the bus near home or have easy access to the Metro to take you into DC – or whether you would rather live a bit further out, say in the area of Baltimore or further out by the coast.

The reality of it is simple: when you’re looking at Maryland real estate, despite the fact that the state is relatively small, you’re going to have a number of choices to make. Even after you’ve come to some conclusions about where to buy Maryland real estate, you’ll need to look at what your interests are, what you want and need to have in a home and what’s important to you in terms of proximity to work, school systems and even parks and recreation. Knowing each of those things will help you prepare for the next step in buying Maryland real estate: finding the right Realtor to get you into that home.

When you choose a real estate agent to help you find and buy Maryland real estate, you’ll want to be sure of the following:

• You should be confident that the agent you work with when you buy Maryland real estate is someone who will listen to your needs and be focusing on your interests throughout the process. In part, this means that you should know whether or not when your agent suggests a mortgage broker he or she will get a kickback for the referral. It also means that you should be sure that the agent you’re working with isn’t also working with the sellers.

• You should be sure that the agent you work with when you buy Maryland real estate is not going to increase your costs and nickel and dime you with administrative fees. When you’re working with a Realtor, after all, he or she will be receiving a commission for getting you into the home.

• You should be sure that when you choose A Realtor to help you to purchase Maryland real estate you are working with someone who will advise you but who isn’t going to tell you what choices to make. Buying Maryland real estate, after all, is something that you are doing and not something that the agent is doing; you’re the one who needs to feel comfortable with the costs of the property, the size and style of the home and the location. No one else can make that decision for you.

When you are buying Maryland real estate, it’s important that you are able to work with a Realtor who will be there for you throughout the process – someone who will answer your questions and make suggestions that will help you to come to the right conclusions. The Realtor that you choose to work with when you buy Maryland real estate should be there to support you through the process of buying a home; you should feel confident that you’re working with someone who will work with you. acp13243546ch

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Maryland Real Estate

Maryland provides one of the best opportunities for real estate investing in United States. The combination of better than average appreciation for the area, University System of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Celera Genomics, Human Genome Sciences and high tech job employers, and the services need to support those core jobs make Maryland a stable place to invest.

If you are willing to invest in the real estate biz then you can approach any Property Management Company and they can help you out through the acquiring or renting process in return of some commission. The commission might vary. Selecting a property manager is a serious professional decision. Word of mouth recommendations are taken personally and are dependent on the trust level between the two parties.

Some people consider that to be enough. Signage of property requires a lot of legal work but that’s the mainly handled by the management company or its allies. Do your research before making any decision. Include companies recommended by others in your decision making process and developing your list of employable managers. Phone books and the internet are simple methods of compiling a list of names.

The length of that list will be proportionate to your determination and patience. Bare in mind, it’s possible to over-research everything. Don’t put yourself in a position where a decision can’t be reached because you’ve convinced yourself that a little more research will reveal a better answer.

Capitol City Properties, Inc is one such firm that handles Maryland property management and also Virginia property management. It also provides MD Property Management and VA Property Management services to its clients and has been successfully manage client’s assets.

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