When you’ve started thinking about buying Maryland real estate, there are going to be some obvious steps that you are going to take. It’s important for you to be able to look at whether you’re interested in living somewhere close to Washington, DC – say Silver Springs or New Carrolton where you can hop on the bus near home or have easy access to the Metro to take you into DC – or whether you would rather live a bit further out, say in the area of Baltimore or further out by the coast.

The reality of it is simple: when you’re looking at Maryland real estate, despite the fact that the state is relatively small, you’re going to have a number of choices to make. Even after you’ve come to some conclusions about where to buy Maryland real estate, you’ll need to look at what your interests are, what you want and need to have in a home and what’s important to you in terms of proximity to work, school systems and even parks and recreation. Knowing each of those things will help you prepare for the next step in buying Maryland real estate: finding the right Realtor to get you into that home.

When you choose a real estate agent to help you find and buy Maryland real estate, you’ll want to be sure of the following:

• You should be confident that the agent you work with when you buy Maryland real estate is someone who will listen to your needs and be focusing on your interests throughout the process. In part, this means that you should know whether or not when your agent suggests a mortgage broker he or she will get a kickback for the referral. It also means that you should be sure that the agent you’re working with isn’t also working with the sellers.

• You should be sure that the agent you work with when you buy Maryland real estate is not going to increase your costs and nickel and dime you with administrative fees. When you’re working with a Realtor, after all, he or she will be receiving a commission for getting you into the home.

• You should be sure that when you choose A Realtor to help you to purchase Maryland real estate you are working with someone who will advise you but who isn’t going to tell you what choices to make. Buying Maryland real estate, after all, is something that you are doing and not something that the agent is doing; you’re the one who needs to feel comfortable with the costs of the property, the size and style of the home and the location. No one else can make that decision for you.

When you are buying Maryland real estate, it’s important that you are able to work with a Realtor who will be there for you throughout the process – someone who will answer your questions and make suggestions that will help you to come to the right conclusions. The Realtor that you choose to work with when you buy Maryland real estate should be there to support you through the process of buying a home; you should feel confident that you’re working with someone who will work with you. acp13243546ch

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Maryland Real Estate

The six DirectBuy franchises serving the greater Washington DC/Baltimore area—DirectBuy of Columbia, DirectBuy of Metro Washington NW (Gaithersburg), DirectBuy of Baltimore North (Hunt Valley), and DirectBuy of Southern Maryland (Lanham), Maryland; DirectBuy of Chantilly and DirectBuy of Woodbridge, Virginia—have developed a “Kids Zone” area in their respective clubs so parents can focus on the task at hand and kids can enjoy the DirectBuy experience, too.

Though not a supervised area, the Kids Zone features a number of things to keep school-age children occupied and entertained: books, puzzles and games. The Kids Zone also includes a flat screen television so children of members can watch movies or play video games.

“Let’s face it, most kids would rather go to the dentist than watch their parents shop for their next home improvement project. By the same token, it’s difficult for members with children to get the most out of the experience and do the research they need to do if they’re concerned about the kids getting fidgety. The Kids Zone gives children of DirectBuy members a place to play games, watch TV or even make new friends with other members’ kids while the grown-ups have their ‘fun’,” said Lee Brown, owner of DirectBuy of Chantilly.

Creating fun things to do for children is nothing new for DirectBuy. DirectBuy franchises across North America regularly donate equipment to youth organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs and children’s hospitals.

“Because we are entrenched in the local community, we have an even greater incentive to make this a one-of-a-kind, unique shopping experience because many of the members are our friends, neighbors, even relatives,” said Brown. “The Kids Zone and donations to youth groups are just an extension of that philosophy.”

Since 1971, DirectBuy has helped consumers enjoy enormous savings on home furnishings, home improvement items, entertainment and outdoor products, and accessories, by providing an avenue to purchase directly from the manufacturer. With six convenient locations in the Greater DC/Baltimore area, DirectBuy offers consumers an exclusive, comfortable environment, where they finally have the financial control of buying direct.

For more information on DirectBuy, you can visit www.directbuy.com or www.directbuycares.com.

About DirectBuy

Since 1971, DirectBuy has helped hundreds of thousands of families enjoy a better quality of life, enabling them to buy directly from more than 700 manufacturers and their authorized suppliers. Buying direct enables members’ hard-earned money to go much further, while having the selection and choice not available at any retail store. DirectBuy prides itself in providing excellent member service. Access to confidential prices, local suppliers and unparalleled selection helps make members’ dream projects a reality. It’s an exclusive, comfortable environment, where you finally have the financial control of buying direct. There are more than 150 franchise locations throughout North America.

Locations of the six DirectBuy showrooms serving greater Washington DC/Baltimore are: DirectBuy of Chantilly, 14231 Willard Road, Chantilly, VA, 703-817-0220; DirectBuy of Woodbridge, 3320 Noble Pond Way, Woodbridge, VA, 571-288-0200; DirectBuy of Columbia, 9515 Gerwig Lane, Columbia, MD, 443-539-3289; DirectBuy of Metro Washington NW, 202 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, MD, 301-926-1116; DirectBuy of Baltimore North, 10950 Gilroy Road, Hunt Valley, MD, 410-316-9000; DirectBuy of Southern Maryland, 9700 Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy, Lanham, MD, 301-731-0600.

Consumers interested in becoming members may obtain a Visitor’s Pass to attend an Open House by contacting DirectBuy at 1-800-218-5639 or e-mailing info@directbuychantilly.com. To learn more about the superior value and benefits of a DirectBuy membership, visit www.directbuy.com.

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After all, what other room can serve as workshop, potting shed, storage locker, recycling plant, and carport all at once? A garage is also the best place to store many items that are not used on a daily basis such as holiday decorations, gardening supplies, tools and anything else that clutters the home.

Creating effective storage in the garage can be done with a bit of ingenuity and planning. The six DirectBuy franchises of the greater Washington DC/Baltimore area, the leading members-only showroom and home design centers, offer these helpful hints on creating usable working space in your garage.

? When in doubt, throw it out … Clutter can take over a garage – Before you plan your storage solutions, sort through the clutter — have a garage sale, give it to charity or truly just throw it out.

? Get organized … Cut down on clutter and get your garage organized by installing garage cabinets. A new set of cabinets will clear the floor of tools, supplies and athletic equipment and open new space for perhaps a workshop or potting shed. Cabinets also work well for protecting their contents from moisture and dust.

? Maximize your space … Maximize available space in your garage by using narrow storage shelves or wall-mounted racks that can stack up neatly against the walls and leave room for cars.

? Smart labeling … Another smart idea is to mark storage bins so they are easy to find or use clear plastic storage boxes to immediately see what you are looking for. No more wasted time searching through an unorganized mess!

“Installing effective storage solutions in your garage means you have quickly created a new room in your home. In a short amount of time and with little investment, homeowners can create a workshop, athletic storage system, potting shed, or any other working solution they may need or imagine,” said Lee Brown, co-owner of DirectBuy of Chantilly. “DirectBuy also gives members the opportunity to save a lot of money by buying storage solutions for their garage, directly from the manufacturer.”

DirectBuy carries a wide selection of garage cabinets to help you cut-down on clutter and get organized. A one-stop shop for all your home building and home remodeling projects, DirectBuy offers industrial quality and strength garage cabinets that can hold and organize a variety of items that would normally clutter your garage. These garage storage cabinets make a great addition to your home garage or auto shop business storing assorted parts, tools and chemicals, which can pose a threat when simply lying around.

Since 1971, DirectBuy has helped consumers enjoy enormous savings on home furnishings, home improvement items, entertainment and outdoor products, and accessories, by providing an avenue to purchase directly from the manufacturer. With six convenient locations in the Greater DC/Baltimore area, DirectBuy offers consumers an exclusive, comfortable environment, where they finally have the financial control of buying direct.

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About DirectBuy

Since 1971, DirectBuy has helped hundreds of thousands of families enjoy a better quality of life, enabling them to buy directly from more than 700 manufacturers and their authorized suppliers. Buying direct enables members’ hard-earned money to go much further, while having the selection and choice not available at any retail store. DirectBuy prides itself in providing excellent member service, access to confidential prices, local suppliers and unparalleled selection, all of which help make members’ dream projects a reality. It’s an exclusive, comfortable environment, where you finally have the financial control of buying direct. There are more than 150 franchise locations throughout North America.

Locations of the six DirectBuy showrooms serving greater Washington DC/Baltimore are: DirectBuy of Chantilly, 14231 Willard Road, Chantilly, VA, 703-817-0220; DirectBuy of Woodbridge, 3320 Noble Pond Way, Woodbridge, VA, 571-288-0200; DirectBuy of Columbia, 9515 Gerwig Lane, Columbia, MD, 443-539-3289; DirectBuy of Metro Washington NW, 202 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, MD, 301-926-1116; DirectBuy of Baltimore North, 10950 Gilroy Road, Hunt Valley, MD, 410-316-9000; DirectBuy of Southern Maryland, 9700 Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy, Lanham, MD, 301-731-0600.

Consumers interested in becoming members may obtain a Visitor’s Pass to attend an Open House by contacting DirectBuy at 1-800-218-5639. To learn more about the superior value and benefits of a DirectBuy membership, visit www.directbuy.com.

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One of the most significant contributions of a program for drug intervention in Maryland is that it helps people to get into treatment. There is a very high denial rate in Maryland, with nine in ten addicts denying that their addiction situation is serious and that they will need treatment to overcome it. These people will then go deeper into their addiction because of non-acceptance of any treatment methods. However, there are various programs for drug intervention in Maryland that can help denying people to get enrolled in suitable treatment centers.

Family Intervention

The commonest kind of intervention is the family intervention. This is where people from the family come together to dedicate themselves to the treatment of the addicted patient. These could be people from the same house as the patient is living in, or they could be relatives and even some friends. The common factor among them should be earnestness in convincing the patient to accept his or her condition and get into a suitable treatment program.

Families will often use an intervention specialist to guide them through the treatment program. They will meet with the intervention specialist and explain the situation to them. The interventionist would then lay out a plan for helping the family overcome the patient’s denial. This would include making the patient understand the family’s love for him or her and the promise of a better life after the addiction. The intervention specialist will usually provide the rough backgrounds of the speeches that the families can use with the patient and they will also help them rehearse these speeches.

After the patient is convinced for the treatment, the intervention specialist will also help the families in locating a treatment center and enrolling the patient into it. At every step of the way, even during the crucial aftercare period when there is a great chance of the patient making a relapse, the families will be guided and assisted by the intervention specialist.

Employer Intervention

This is becoming quite popular in Maryland in today’s times, especially because the various cases of employee abuse and addiction are making companies lose out on a lot of human effort and hampering their productivity. In some cases, companies are facing the flak because of their employees’ dependencies. Firing such employees is not always a viable solution because recruiting and training new people can prove to be quite strenuous on the company as it is. On the other hand, there is a viable Employer Assistance Program (EAP) in Maryland which makes employers provide conducive conditions for employees to work in, and that relates to the physical and mental health of the person also.

One of the best ideas for the employers is to come forward and plan interventions for their employees so that they can get them working well once again and will be able to make use of an employee that has been with the organization for a while.

Employer drug intervention in Maryland can work in collaboration with family intervention. The two can join together to better convince the patient for the treatment. While the family intervention program will do its main job of convincing the patient under the guidance of the intervention specialist, the employers will motivate the patient in their own ways. They might tell the patient of job security and may even promise them incentives once they are out of the addiction and fully capable to work once again. For most employees being assured in this manner can go a long way in convincing them to get into addiction treatment.

Educational Institution Intervention

Witnessing the high rise of addictions among the youth in the state, most educational institutions are keeping a hawk-like vigil on their students. There are substance abuse cells in almost all schools and colleges in Maryland and people who are into an addiction are quickly identified.

The teachers and counselors in the institution will then hold a meeting with the caretakers of the student, after analyzing the situation, and discuss with them what must be done ahead. In most cases, the caretakers would not know about the situation and they would not know what to do. In these kinds of situations, the counselors will guide them on how to go about the treatment.

The counselors and teachers would also participate in convincing the student to get into treatment. Sometimes, when the students do not yield, forcible tactics might be implemented, such as disciplinary actions and threats of suspension. On the other hand, if they go through the treatment and come out sober, there is the promise of a reward. This reward and punishment method is often used in such a form of drug intervention in Maryland.

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How does one free slaves in another country? How does one free slaves over which one has no control?

President Abraham Lincoln attempted to do just that, when he issued the two-part Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 and 1863. Criticized by Northerners, sneered at by Southerners, the Emancipation Proclamation evidenced more than anything Lincoln’s foresight and conviction that the Union would be once again be the United States of America – all states of America.

The beginnings of the Emancipation Proclamation were in the Fugitive Slave Law, enacted in 1850. The Fugitive Slave Law demanded that fugitive slaves, as property, be returned to their owners if they escaped, even if in escaping they made it to a free state. The Fugitive Slave Law became controversial as abolitionism gained ground in the North; abolitionists, flouting the law, often refused to comply and return escaped slaves to their southern owners.

While the Fugitive Slave Law caused uproar both North and South, it caused even larger problems once Civil War was declared. When Union troops encountered runaway slaves, there was no consensus as to how to treat them; while a few returned them to their owners, many considered slaves who were living in occupied areas war contraband. Others still freed the slaves, often resulting in their own dismissal.

Treating the slaves as contraband did not sit well with President Lincoln, as treating them as contraband was, in a sense, recognizing the Confederate States of America as a separate nation. Lincoln flatly refused to recognize the Confederacy as anything but a band of infidels, and as such, decided to attack the issue of slavery as an act of war, knowing that by doing so, he would both decide the issue of slavery and attack the South where it was most vulnerable.

Thus a series of events began to both free slaves and place a stranglehold on the South, still reliant on slavery to support their largely agricultural economy, events that resulted in the Emancipation Proclamation:

March 13, 1862: Lincoln forbids officers of the Union Army officers from returning fugitive slaves to their owners.

April 10, 1862: Congress decides that the federal government will compensate slave owners who free their slaves; this begins in Washington, D.C. On April 16, when slaveowners are compensated upon the release of their slaves.

June 19, 1862: Slavery is prohibited by Congress in United States territories. This decision opposes the 1857 ruling in the Dred Scott Case that stated Congress did not have the authority to regulate slavery in the United States.

January, 1862: Republican leader of the House of Representatives Thaddeus Stevens calls for total war against the perceived Southern rebellion, including the emancipation of slaves, in an attempt to destroy the Confederate economy.

July, 1862: Lincoln signs Congress’ “Second Confiscation Act” which liberates slaves held by southern “rebels.”

September 22, 1862: President Lincoln issues the first executive order of the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring freedom for all slaves in any state of the Confederacy that did return to the Union January 1, 1863.

January 1, 1863: President Lincoln issues the second executive order of the Emancipation Proclamation, which specifies that slaves in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia were free.

Yet the Emancipation Proclamation did not free all slaves; exempted from the Proclamation were the contested states of Kentucky and Missouri, the soon-to-be West Virginia, and two Union slave states, Maryland and Delaware. It would be 1865, the conclusion of the war, before all slaves were emancipated in these states.

In fact, it would be 1865 before the majority of the slaves held in the states addressed by the Emancipation Proclamation were freed. Until the Confederacy was defeated, many of these slaves remained under the control of their masters.

While the Emancipation Proclamation did not immediately free all slaves, it did finally address the major schism between the North and the South – slavery. It was President Abraham Lincoln’s message to the Confederacy that slavery was indeed a matter of war, and that their short-lived rule would not outlast the Union.

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Are you a fan of the American Civil War? Do you love reading about its history?

If that describes you, you need to check out The Civil War Omnibus – the most comprehensive digital collection of Civil War works available. The Civil War Omnibus represents 100s of key and hard to find references of the Civil War as well as hundreds of Civil War Regiment books for any fan of the war.

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Academy Sports & Outdoors, The Sports Authority, Inc. and **** Sporting Goods are amongst the leading Sports Equipment Stores in the USA

The 10 leading sports equipment stores in the USA are discussed here.

Academy Sports & Outdoors

This specialty company is known to be among America’s largest and most popular sporting goods sellers. With more than a hundred chains operated all over the southeastern region of the country, Academy Sports + Outdoors shops furnish the sports aficionados with a heavy collection of gears, clothing, as well as accessories at comparatively inexpensive rates.

The Sports Authority, Inc.

This popular chain offers everything from class sports footwear, apparels and sports accessories, at competitive rates. The company also provides an all-encompassing gamut of sports paraphernalia from aquatic sports equipment, hiking and camping gears, football supplies, cycling stuff to ball games kit. In 1987, Sports Authority, Inc. opened its first shop in Florida. Now, the company runs more than 400 stores scattered in the country.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Is one of the most advanced sporting goods chain in the United States that presents a sizeable choice of quality sports equipment, sports clothing, and sports accessories. The company sprang from the simple aspiration of a young man **** Stack to sell fishing gears in the late 1940s. Today, **** Sporting Goods has more than three hundred shops spread throughout thirty states across the United States.

Sport Chalet

Sport Chalet started out fifty years ago as a shop selling only scuba and ski equipment. At present, it has rocketed to be one of USA’s top sports vendor that provides high-end sporting merchandise such as fitness, bowling, fishing, basketball, airsoft, golf, snowboarding equipments, and a lot more. Sport Chalet also provides copious services such as sports expert advice, repairs and rentals. Stores are located throughout Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California.

Modell’s Sporting Goods

The company is one of the leading provider of an extensive line of sporting equipments such as paintball, soccer, skateboarding, running equipments plus so many more. It also supplies athletic footwear, and costumes. Brand names for football jerseys like The Champion and Schutt DNA football helmets are sold in Modell’s stores. Modell’s Sporting Goods is the oldest family owned specialty business of sporting merchandise in the United States. The company runs almost a hundred shops all over Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.

Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc.

It is established in 1945 and is currently based in Birmingham, Alabama. The company equips sports fanatics with its wide multiplicity of reasonably priced apparel and equipment for sports such as basketball, boxing, football, and weight lifting. It also offers famous brand names of sporting goods like Dickies, Nautilus, NBA, Nike, Oakley, and Ecko. Near to 500 Hibbert Sporting Goods, Inc. stores are located in more than twenty American states.

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

REI is one of the United Sates’ biggest buyer cooperatives that serves as a source of a broad line of camp and outdoor sports gears and clothing. REI has 77 retail stores and a comprehensive web site, as well. Dog gears, tents, car racks, backpacks, sleeping bags and watches are some of the products that REI sells in its different stores nationwide.

Football America

Maryland-based Football America has been providing the United States with the handpicked football equipment and supplies for almost three decades now. It offers a full selection of hard-wearing, high performance football costumes, helmets, cleats, shoulder pads, plus more.

ATS Sports

ATS Sports is USA’s and the globe’s biggest resource of tennis related tackles such as stringing machines, grips, court equipment racquet strings, umpire chairs, benches, as well as tennis accessories. The company is headquartered at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sports & Recreation, Inc.

Is the tenth biggest sporting goods franchise in the US and is based in Tampa, Florida. It is a supplier of well-liked trade name sports equipment as well as footwear. As Sports & Recreation, Inc expanded its stores and locations, it also came up with a number of different names for its stores. The stores were adorned with banners that were aimed to build up the hometown persona of the company. Local area names where a Sports & Recreation, Inc shop is situated were taken on as the name of the store, itself. Thus, the stores run under names like Tampa Sports and Jacksonville Sports Unlimited.

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southern maryland

From one perspective, the dramatic rebound of premium cigars couldn’t have come at a better time. After decades of competition from cigarettes, the gradual deterioration (through age) of its customer base, and decreased consumer interest in tobacco products generally, the sudden early-nineteen-nineties resurgence of interest in premium cigars was instrumental in keeping the industry alive. After fourth quarter industry growth in 1992 (the first in years), the launch of new magazines devoted to the hobby of cigar smoking, and a proliferation of cigar bars and specialty shops, cigars were trendy for the first time in decades.

But the timing was also somewhat ironic. Between a high-profile class-action suit against cigarette companies and controversies over cigarette advertising – not to mention a general decline in the number of smokers – the world’s cigar makers found themselves experiencing new popularity at a time when their industry was also facing new marketing challenges. Along with these changes came a gradual increase in the number of buildings, towns, and sometimes entire states where smoking of all kinds was regulated. All those new cigar smokers found themselves restricted from enjoying their new hobby in airports, restaurants, and entire localities.

All of which raises a question – if you’re a smoker traveling the United States, what are your options? To what parts of the United States can you travel if you’re hoping to enjoy a box of fine cigars alongside the new sights and sounds?

There’s no easy answer to that question, because individual towns and cities within an overall smoking-friendly state can enact their own forms of anti-smoking legislation. But in terms of statewide laws, here is a brief guide to the states with the most permissive – and the most restrictive – smoking legislation.

First of all, the overall news is – if you’re planning a true cigar-lover’s vacation, you might want to stick to the South (no surprise there) or parts of the Midwest. Of the eighteen states that allow smoking in bars of all kinds, as well as in casinos, restaurants and workplaces, quite a few are in one of these two regions of the country.

Among the southern states with permissive smoking laws are Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. Tobacco plays an important role in the history of many of these states: Virginia was a major tobacco producer and smoking hub, not to mention the place where many Union soldiers first discovered the habit of cigar smoking during the Civil War. North Carolina was the scene of the discovery of Brightleaf tobacco, and the home of Durham, a major tobacco city. South Carolina was also, early on, a big tobacco producer.

Other very smoke-positive states include the Midwestern states Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. Perhaps smoking helps deal with the harsh winters for which many of these states are infamous. The same beat-the-cold explanation may apply in Alaska, another state with maximally permissive smoking laws, and Kentucky, which I would have counted as a “Midwestern” state, except that some Kentuckians take violent exception to this designation. (Some also don’t like it if you call them “southern.”) Rounding out the list of the top pro-smoking states are Pennsylvania and Wyoming.

As for the bottom of the list: if you like smoking in bars, restaurants, casinos and workplaces, stay out of Arizona, Delaware, Washington State and Washington D.C., Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, and – no surprise – California. All of these states have enacted the least permissive, widest-scale smoking bans at the statewide level. Not only that, but several of them are cold – it’s hard to imagine a worse fate than traipsing around Minneapolis or St. Paul in winter, with an unlightable stogie, exiled from your favorite bar. In Arizona and California, at least it’s warm enough out on the sidewalk.

States that allow at least some indoor, public smoking include Tennessee, Arkansas, and Montana, where some bars and casinos allow smoking, as well as Hawaii, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, where bars, casinos and restaurants that allow smoking may be found. Most of the other states have heavier but not full restrictions. (And as for Nevada, if you’re wondering – well, you can smoke in some casinos and bars, but not anywhere that serves food.)

Wherever you go, if you’re worried about encountering roadblocks to smoking, call ahead to your hotel or visit the city’s web page. After all, local ordinances can be as restrictive as any statewide ban. Do research first.

By: Ann Knapp

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CigarFox provides you the opportunity to build your own sampler of the finest cigars that include cigar brands like Montecristo, Romeo & Julieta, H Upmann, Macanudo, Cohiba, Partagas, Gurkha and many more. Choose from more than 1200 different cigars! Other cigar products include cigar humidors, cigar boxes, and cigar accessories like Zippo Lighters.

Caregiver-seeking and -locating tools such as Maryland MD Nanny Finder use an advanced search technique to find the most suitable nanny for each family according its needs. One of the most impressive things about this service is the fact it can pinpoint the most suitable person for you based on your own stated needs. Interested to get useful tips of this issue? Review the following article.

The nanny search process

Searching for and finding a nanny online can be simple, yet only when using the right tools. Solutions such as Maryland MD Nanny Finder offer the ability to conduct a deep, thorough caregiver search over the Web. Up ’til a few years ago, it wasn’t at all simple to find the right person without a non-Web-based solution. In addition to helping parents find a nanny, a good finder tool will also be able to guide you in other important aspects of hiring a personal helper such as – running a nanny background check, help and support on the best way to ultimately choose the best nanny for your family and also provide tips on how to maintain a solid, long-lasting relationship with her.

Why use an online matcher tool?

What kind of benefits do parents gain by using this simple service?

(1) A simple way to access a nationwide network of great nanny candidates looking for positions.

(2) Eliminates the need to handle a non-online placer service, which requires more time and effort on the parents’ parts.

(3) Enables families to manage the screening themselves, thereby saving them precious time.

Finding a nanny: It’s easier than you think

A friendly online service such as Maryland MD Nanny Finder actually provides families the fastest way to locate nannies from a large database of fine caregivers looking for great families. In addition to finding a nanny, an online placement agency is such an effective solution because it enables managing the seeking and screening process online, in your own free time. If you wish to successfully find your supernanny, it’s strongly recommended following the above article guidelines as you start using the services of any placement agency.

By: Gil Lavi

About the Author:

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© 2009 Gill Lavi.


Since 1960s, career cluster resources have been used as career exploration and planning tools in schools, learning communities, and organizations across the nation. Career Clusters is a system that matches educational and career planning.

Step 1: Identifying Career Cluster Interest Areas

Career clusters are groups of similar occupations and industries. When teachers, counselors, and parents work with teens, college students, and adults, the first step is to complete career cluster assessment. The assessment identifies the highest career cluster areas. Career assessments show teens, college students, and adults rankings from one of the following 16 Interests Areas or Clusters:

1. Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

2. Architecture & Construction

3. Arts, A/V Technology & Communication

4. Business, Management & Administration

5. Education & Training

6. Finance

7. Government & Public Administration

8. Health Science

9. Hospitality & Tourism

10. Human Services

11. Information Technology

12. Law, Public Safety & Security

13. Manufacturing

14. Marketing, Sales & Service

15. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

16. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Step 2: Exploring Career Clusters and Related Careers

After pinpointing the highest career clusters, teens, college students, and adults explore the different careers and create education plans. Career cluster tools used in career and educational planning include:

LISA: A comprehensive career cluster database




High school plan of study

Interest and Skills Areas


After completing a career cluster assessment, teens, college students, and adults look at web sites, career models, brochures, pathways, and high school plans. One of the most unique comprehensive career cluster resources is the Louisiana Integrated Skills Assessment (LISA), an Internet program. LISA lets you explore career clusters, careers, abilities, training requirements, and more. There are 3 steps in the LISA program:

STEP 1: Click here to select a Career Cluster,

STEP 2: Click here to select a Career Group

STEP 3: Explore Occupations within this Career Group

In Step 1, when you choose a career cluster, you will see a description of the cluster. When you select a career group in Step 2, you see different careers. Finally, in Step 3, you see a wealth of information:

Job descriptions

Educational and training requirements

Crosswalks, for example ONET, DOT, GOE, and other codes





Work Vales

Labor Market Information

Even though LISA is an awesome program, in classroom or workshop settings, you need printed materials. When using printed materials, the career model is the best place to start. Models provide excellent overviews listing the cluster definitions, sample careers, pathways, knowledge, and skills. Visual models show career clusters, the cluster subgroups, and related careers. Models are an excellent way to introduce career clusters.

For presentations, workshops, and group discussions, the career cluster brochures provide additional information. Adults and teens read about the different careers that are available in each career cluster. Teachers, counselors, and parents use the brochures to solidify adults’ and teens’ potential career or educational decisions. The brochures cover topics such as:

Definition of career clusters


Career pathways

Employment outlooks



Teachers, counselors, and parents use career pathways for more detailed information. The career pathways are subgroups or areas of concentration within career clusters. Each pathway contains career groups. The career groups have similar academic skills, technical skills, educational requirements, and training requirements. Career pathways are plans of study that outline required secondary courses, post secondary courses, and related careers. The career pathways are essential tools that teachers, counselors, parents, and other adults use to give educational planning advice.

Several web sites feature High School Plans of Study. These study plans show required, elective, and suggested courses for each grade level. The school plans also match the career clusters to related careers, career pathways, and post-secondary options. Teachers, counselors, and parents find that these school plans are guides for selecting the right high school courses to match potential careers. Beyond high school, the Utah System for Higher Education has created a College Major Guide. Parents, teachers, and counselors can use the guide to match college majors to Certificate and Degree Programs.

Additional Resources for Counselors and Teachers

For planning curriculum and educational programs, there are detailed Knowledge and Skills Charts and Cluster Crosswalks. The knowledge and Skills expand upon the information listed on the career cluster models. For each knowledge and skill area, there are performance elements and measurement criteria. Crosswalks show the relationships between career clusters and other career models:

Career clusters build a bridge between education and career planning. Different types of career cluster resources are available: videos, web sites, booklets, brochures, activity sheets, and workbooks. Teachers, counselors, and parents use career cluster resources to successfully complete career and educational planning.


American Careers Career Paths, Career Communications, 6701 W. 64th St., Overland, KS 66202, 800-669-7795

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Cluster and Career Videos, Career One Stop, U.S. Department of Labor, Frances Perkins Building, 200 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20210, 866-4-USA-DOL

College Major Guide Utah System for Higher Education, Board of Regents Building, The Gateway, 60 South 400 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1284, (801) 321-7100

Find Careers (Videos), iSeek Solutions, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, Wells Fargo Place, 30 7th St. E., Suite 350, St. Paul, MN 55101-7804

High School Plans of Study, New Hampshire Department of Education, 101 Pleasant Street

Concord, NH 03301-3860, (603) 271-3494

Introduction to Career Clusters, Career Education, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, P.O. Box 543

Blacklick, OH 43004-0544,

Louisiana Integrated Skills Assessment (LISA), customized Internet version of OSCAR, a product of the Texas Workforce Commission/Career Development Resources, TWC/CDR, Austin, TX 78753

Maryland Career Clusters, Maryland State Department of Education 200 West Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21201,

Rhodes Island’s Career Clusters, Rhode Island’s Career Resource Network, 1511 Pontiac Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920, 401-462-8790

School to Career Clusters, State of Connecticut, Department of Labor, Job Bank, 645 South Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457, (860)754-5000

States’ Career Clusters Initiative (SCCI), 1500 W. Seventh Avenue, Stillwater, OK 74074

Career Pathway Plans, Career Cluster, Knowledge and Skills Charts

VTECS Cluster Frameworks, VTECS, 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA, 30033,404-679-4501 ext 543

What are Career Clusters? Career Prospects System, New Mexico Career Resource Network, CAREER TECHNICAL AND WORKFORCE EDUCATION BUREAU (CTWEB), Education Building, 300 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM 87501, (505) 827-6512

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