There are several ways of dealing with relapse prevention once a person has been treated with a detoxification program. However, the relapse prevention strategy in an addiction treatment center in Maryland ensures that the effects are permanent.

Many people think about addiction treatment center is the detoxifying treatment they provide is one and all! It is true but partially! The detox treatment may make the patient feeling good but again, it is for a short period unless aftercare is not followed properly. Thought detoxifying treatment has taken all the harmful, unwanted toxic substances out of the body, it is the aftercare that helps patient on how they can come out of the addiction of the substance in an effective manner so that detox program does not end up in vain.

It must be remembered that the detox treatment removes the addiction from the body of the person; however, the treatment is not substantiated unless and until the person is completely treated from the addiction mentally. Their urge for the substance has to be driven away. This is where relapse prevention becomes important.

It is therefore that one has to understand about the way addiction treatment center in Maryland handles the problems. Every addiction treatment center in Maryland has different fashion to treat and prevent relapse but then too, there are some general program that is basic and implemented in the aftercare by an authentic addiction treatment center in Maryland. Here is that strategy in brief:-

Step I: The first step is in understanding the psychological state of the person who is addicted. The obvious way is to have mental counseling. In case the patient suffers from any mental illness, psychiatrist may get into the patient’s brain and finds out what exactly is wrong there. In most of the cases, it is generally hidden emotional stress that the patient is keeping in mind and subconsciously getting towards addiction. For instance, failure in business may end up in addiction of alcohol.

Step II: The next step here is to conduct counseling. However, this is only done when the emotional issue is traced out. Counseling help the patient to disjoint from the emotional stress and so the mental circumstances that makes one to get addicted. Here it is taught to the patient that what aftermaths an addiction can have. It also makes abuser aware of sever e complication of addiction. This step is important since this is where the trust of patient and healthcare provider is built. The patient gets confidence and doctor the hope!

Step III: This is also the counseling but to someone who is in close relation to the patient and living with them all the time. This member is trained and taught that how important they are for the patient to overcome such addiction. These members also help in recovering program since they are also taught about signals and hints that patient may give indicating they are again leaning towards the addiction.

Step IV: This step is for self-consciousness. Here, the patient is taught about how to overcome the addiction using some simple though effective techniques. The patient is taught how to control the temptation and craving of substance. Holistic exercises such as Yoga and Pranayama are commonly advised therapy those are helpful. You may also find addiction treatment center in Maryland that includes alternative therapies such as acupressure or massage.

Step V: This is the last step that includes teaching the patient about how to curb the cravings. They are taught that they won’t be in addiction anymore. This is something they call as rehabilitation, a process of becoming part of the social group one more time! The patient is then active in participating various social events, sports, get-to-gathers, parties and many where those are public places.

In some of the cases, patients passing the Stage V successfully are found to get a good job and do their duty in a quite impressive way. Their social circle is then back and they are looked with respect. They can get into the business and their personal life can become stable one more time. They are then physically and mentally stable and also can take right decision at right time. Such successful patients who have enjoyed being treated in addiction treatment center in Maryland may not turn back to any sort of addiction in their rest of the life.

By: Todd Lange

About the Author:

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